Bmore Management


"After being a property owner for many years, in Baltimore City & dealing with many management companies, Bmore Management is by far my favorite company.  I am sticking with them."


"I am extremely thankful to reside in a building managed by Bmore Management and they are one of the major reasons I have chosen to stay in my current apartment. Since Bmore took over management of the building I live in, the quality has improved tremendously. They are communicative, attentive, and extremely knowledgeable about the needs and quirks of older buildings. They keep to a regular schedule of maintenance and cleaning, respond quickly to any questions or requests, and employ people who are kind and skilled. Bmore also works with the owner of the building to communicate and address our needs. There are many unreliable and unremarkable management companies out there, but Bmore Management stands out as a friendly company of real people who put pride into their work, buildings, and residences."
C. M., Resident. July 21, 2016

"I forgot to say THANK YOU!!" K.K., Client. June 13, 2016

"Thank you, BMore. I have to say I have been very happy with your service and appreciate how personalized and non-complicated it is. This property is not the easiest to deal with and you’re always very prompt in dealing with issues. I’m also really glad that I can trust your judgment and I’m grateful to have you there looking after the building for me." K. K., Client. June 13, 2016

"... thank you for keeping me updated and being on top of everything!" K. K., Client March 10, 2016

"...Thank you for all of your thoughtful management. Rest assured I will give you a very good recommendation." Jessie H., Client. March 1, 2016

"Place looks great!" A. N., Client, After visiting his property for impromptu walk-thru, November 24, 2015

"You Rock!" K. K., Client. September 30, 2015

" T.C. (RE Agent) was highly complimentary of your management of the property.  He said you're doing "a great job."" Andrew E., Client, after Agent reviewed Client's property for listing. March 28, 2015

"Great news! Thank you for getting this taken care of and thank you for putting up with my constant questions along the way." Daniel T., Client. March 21, 2015

"'re managing the house really well.  I have not a single complaint about that -- ever." Andrew E., Client December 17, 2014​